Spotify Spotlight || Best Coast - California Nights

It takes a lot of music to stimulate the creative nerve and/or drown out the frequent outbursts of bro songs in agency life, so here's a recommendation.

Remember Garbage? Joydrop? Letters to Cleo? There were tons of killer lady-led alt rock bands during my highly formative years in the 90's. I'm not sure why music migrated from badass women with bands to manicured pop girls feat. autotune, but I just can't stand all the "dressing room" music out there. I don't care if that makes me sound like a granny, either.  

I first heard the title track from this album after a late night out, sitting in my car in the dark, where I was particularly vulnerable to her haunting voice dragging out listless lyrics as I processed a headful of ghosts. Bass players don't get enough credit and I'd really like to learn to play. I just love those deep, melancholy basslines. Between the crunchy grunge guitar that immediately drives into my veins and the effortlessly melodic, yet powerful vocals, California Nights was bound to immediately end up on several playlists.

Top tracks: Feeling Ok, In My Eyes, California Nights, Sleep Won't Ever Come, Wasted Time.

Play Best Coast's California Nights now. What's got you rocking out lately?