3 Ways Brands Can Use Yo

Is there anything more effective at getting your attention than a notification on your mobile device? With a recent update, the Yo app has become a rich notification platform that brands can creatively leverage to engage users.

1. Product Awareness With Yo's attachment functionality, brands could yo a link to coupons and offers. Yo your hashtag with the offer to add a level of brand awareness and measure your redemption rate.

2. Research Monster.com created a Yo campaign asking users to yo "ILOVEMYJOB," "IHATEMYJOB" or "INEEDAJOB," allowing Monster to interact with their audience and also get some great insight and statistics.

3. Consumer Engagement with Yo Service FedEx uses Yo to alert users when a package is delivered, but this could easily be a great opportunity to brands across many industries. An ice cream brand might set up a service that will yo users when their pint is softened and spoon-ready. Baking product and frozen food CPGs could revolutionize the kitchen timer by creating a YoCookie service to yo users 10 minutes after they slide a tray of cookie dough into the oven.

3 Ways Brands Can Use Yo first appeared on Bfgcom.com