Meerkat Hype - Is Yellow the New Blue?

There's a new digital darling in the app store. 

Love it or hate it, you're going to be hearing a lot about Meerkat as the internet flocks to this new app and discovers incredible ways to use it. Meerkat allows you to stream live video across Twitter where your followers (or anyone) can watch and comment live directly on your broadcast. Since I spend an embarrassing amount of my time on Twitch, I'm jumping right onto this little yellow hypewagon. 

As a digital marketer with several social media accounts, I am truly grateful for Meerkat's one-click login. It's incredibly easy to switch between twitter accounts start broadcasting. Take notes, Instagram. As long as you have all your twitter accounts connected to your device, you just need to open Meerkat, tap your username in the upper right, tap "log out/log in" and select whichever account you want. Boom. Done. Broadcast your commute. 

Today I tuned into Mark Hoppus at band practice with Blink 182, watched some nice folks at discuss their favorite television shows and broadcast some of my Tomodatchi Life gameplay. I'm fairly confident that Meerkat will become the lens through which we consume lots of concerts and events. I'm certain the app will play a major role in future news events. 

For brands, there's a lot of content potential here. From behind-the-scenes streams to factory tours to interviews to promotional events and stunts to product announcements, Meerkat essentially gives everyone the power to disrupt social media with their own brand of live breaking news. 

So far my biggest gripe is that your streams are not archived for replay, so if you click on a Meerkat link on twitter and that user is finished streaming, there's nothing to see. I'm hoping future functionality pulls a selection of recent broadcasts to visit if the user is not currently live. Fortunately, you can save your streams to your camera roll and from there create a YouTube or vimeo archive if you're so inclined.  

I'm looking forward to seeing how Meerkat fares among the constantly expanding social media menu (and rolling up my sleeves on some Meerkat content ideas for some of my clients). As SnapChat reaches the peak of its popularity and Facebook declines among the younger demo, will yellow be the new blue?